Frequently Asked Questions
What will the price be?
The price of our turbines will be set for each market at commercial launch and available from our sales representatives in each country.
What is the estimated annual energy
production of one turbine?
In a building edge application, the VX175 can generate 4,000 kWh with an average wind speed of 6 m/s. At 6.5 m/s, it can produce 5,000 kWh. Likewise, the future VX300 is anticipated to produce 10,600 kWh at 6 m/s and 13,000 kWh at 6.5 m/s. *
When can I get one?
Embark on the future of innovation with the VX175. Pre-orders are now open. Production is set to commence in the 2nd quarter of 2024, and delivery in the 3rd quarter of 2024, beginning in the UK and Denmark. Secure your spot today and be among the first to experience the VX175.
Can the turbines be combined with
existing solar panels?
Yes. One of the remarkable advantages of our Ventum controller is its compatibility with existing solar installations, allowing for seamless integration with your solar setup. Our turbine production profile is complementary to solar and helps close the gaps in solar PV.
What is the cut-in/cut-out speed?
Our turbines are capable of harnessing power from wind speeds as low as 3.5 m/s, ensuring consistent generation of clean, green energy even in gentle breezes. They maintain efficient energy production all the way up to wind speeds of 18 m/s.
What are the dimensions of the wind turbine?
The 2-meter version is projected to have approximate dimensions of 2.9 meters in width and 2.6 meters in height, excluding the stand. Furthermore, we have plans to introduce a larger 4-meter model and a residential version in the future.
Is this turbine suitable for residential
Our initial turbine sizes are geared towards industrial use and large buildings. There are specific plans to adapt them for residential applications in the future.
Can I get subsidies for your product?
Given the substantial demand for green alternative energy sources today, your local sales partner will be instrumental in informing you about potential initiatives for which you may qualify.
Is municipal approval needed for
wind turbine placement on a roof?
The applicability of rules and regulations varies depending on your local jurisdiction. Your regional sales partner will play a pivotal role in ascertaining the specific rules and regulations that pertain to your location.
What is DSR Energy's role?
DSR Energy is our principal partner and a co-owner of Ventum Dynamics Group, the company shares our dedication to a carbon emissions-free future.
  * Based on optimal placement and wind conditions. It is worth noting that local topography, including nearby structures and tall trees, can influence overall performance. Performance prediction based on final production unit. Your regional sales partner will help determine the optimal layout for your site.

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