DSR Energy introduces Ventum Dynamics to  the UK

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Ventum Dynamics and DSR Energy launch a UK-first pilot with the installation of innovative and cost-efficient small-scale wind turbines to change the future of green and affordable energy.
The Norwegian company, Ventum Dynamics is the creator of the innovative wind turbine that was first launched in Dubai during the World Expo 2020 and introduced in the UK through DSR Energy. The 2m tall wind turbines have now been installed at FreshLinc Ltd in Spalding and on Skegness Pier through the Mellors Group.
Ventum's space-efficient wind turbines are quiet in operation, produce minimal vibration, and easily mount on flat rooftops. The turbines are omnidirectional, which captures wind from all directions without turning, making them low maintenance. It can generate power for on-site energy consumption, storage, and grid connection, allowing customers to control energy costs, improve energy security, and cut carbon emissions.
Facilitating the pilot was The South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership which was instrumental in bringing local businesses, organizations, and stakeholders together to launch this three-month scheme, with the view for the region to lead the way in the rollout of these cutting-edge turbines going forward.
FreshLinc Ltd in Spalding saw a roof-mounted turbine installed, ideal for the building structure and the extensive power needs of the business. The team at FreshLinc provided access to a roof with unobstructed views and wind flow. This turbine is plugged into the site and will provide power and collate data on energy output and windspeed efficiencies.

The second turbine was installed on Skegness Pier, part of the Mellors Group. The coastal location provides higher wind speeds and is an excellent showcase of Ventum to the general public. This turbine is off-grid and will provide power to light up the historic Skegness attraction at night.

Christopher Bisset-Nilsen, Founder of Ventum Dynamics, said: "We are excited that Ventum Dynamics is proving itself as a contributor of renewables; an option of clean energy, everywhere for everyone - in becoming a NetZero solution for a sustainable future."
Ravi Rayarel, Founding Director of DSR Group, said: "These are the first two turbines to be delivered outside Norway - it is super exciting to have these in Lincolnshire as the first UK pilots. It is a different way of capturing wind energy. The aim is to use these to power homes and industry and have a significant impact on the cost of energy."
Deputy Leaders across the South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership, Cllr Nigel Welton, Cllr Nick Worth, and Cllr Graham Marsh, said: "Ventum has landed in the South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership area. Many people have been working hard behind the scenes to bring this to our region, and it is fantastic to see them now up and running.

"This new technology will revolutionize green energy, particularly for businesses. They can go up easily on a building, produce a lot of electricity, and are far less intrusive than traditional wind turbines.
"It has been very exciting to be part of this partnership between businesses, investors, and the Councils. The Councils are actively involved in bringing forward projects which improve the whole aspect of living in South & East Lincolnshire."
Lee Juniper, Chief Executive Officer for FreshLinc Ltd, said: "We are so proud at FreshLinc Group to have one of the first two turbines to go onto our roof in Spalding.
"For us, it is about becoming less dependent on the grid over the next three years. We are very excited to have this in South Lincolnshire, not just for FreshLinc but for the local economy to see the benefits of what is coming. Thanks to DSR, Ventum, and the South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership for enabling this to happen."