Ventum Dynamics and FreshLinc: Pioneering Sustainable Energy Solutions

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1677852060938   Mat Owen, Operations Manager at FreshLinc

FreshLinc, a prominent service provider in the UK and Europe, is embracing innovative technologies to decarbonize the chilled food supply chain and minimize its carbon footprint. Traditionally reliant on fossil fuels, the logistics sector is taking substantial steps toward sustainability. Mat Owen, Operations Manager at FreshLinc, offered insights into this endeavor, stressing the significance of transitioning to eco-friendly energy sources.

One significant initiative FreshLinc pursued was installing a 392 kWp photovoltaic panel array on their warehouse roof. Like solar panels, these panels contributed over 400,000 kWh in 2022. However, fluctuations in energy production due to seasonal variations prompted FreshLinc to explore complementary energy sources.

Mat Owen pointed out, "To be realistic, we live in Lincolnshire, and the sun is not our constant companion!" Acknowledging the region's climatic patterns, FreshLinc incorporated wind power as an alternative energy source. Wind energy complemented solar generation effectively, as wind speeds tended to be highest when solar generation was at its lowest, and wind could generate power even during the night.

Ventum Dynamics, in collaboration with FreshLinc and DSR Energy, introduced small-scale, cost-efficient wind turbines to the UK. The Ventum turbine, designed to provide affordable energy, underwent successful testing at Skegness Pier and FreshLinc's Spalding facility. Mat Owen affirmed the fruitful trial, stating, "Although this is only a prototype model, the figures generated so far have validated the accuracy of Ventum's computer modeling, and we anticipate installing production models in due course."

FreshLinc's commitment to sustainability transcends energy generation. They explored various alternatives to reduce energy consumption for refrigeration, including using electric Sunswap trailers equipped with solar panels on the roof and plug-in charging capabilities. Further innovations were highlighted by Mat Owen, including Eco-Drive tractor units powering trailer refrigeration through a Power Take Off (PTO), thus reducing diesel consumption by up to 75%. Moreover, FreshLinc incorporated Thermo King Advancer Units on new trailers, curbing diesel consumption by over 50% while maintaining proper temperature control.

By investing in state-of-the-art technologies and sustainable practices, FreshLinc aims to lead the industry in decarbonization. Their proactive stance positions them well to meet future sustainability legislation and contribute to Greater Lincolnshire's pursuit of affordable, reliable, clean energy solutions in pivotal sectors. Ventum Dynamics is excited to be part of the solution with Freshlinc.

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